RC Ricerca e Cooperazione - NGO which for over 20 years has been involved in projects dedicated to the development of nations in the southern hemisphere, presents the new edition of its training course on International Cooperation, to be held in Rome from the 18th to the 22nd of February 2013.

The class, now in its eighth edition, , began with the intention of bringing young people closer to the world of international cooperation through a series of theoretical/practical classes, thanks to the assistance of several experts, giving the possibility to take a first step towards working in the field of cooperation.

More specifically the class will focus on the issue of cooperation, acting on the most modern didactic methods and applying them on an international level. The training classes will be held by experts and teachers accredited by the European Commission and the United Nations.

Upon completion of the training course, participants will:

  • Have knowledge of the European Commission's funds system budget policy in favour of developing countries.
  • Have knowledge of the communitarian and regional financial systems.
  • Acquire the concepts relative to both communitarian and national planning and the theoretical and practical techniques necessary in order to carry out each individual phase of the planning cycle.
  • Have a deep understanding of the aspects related to the studies of feasibility and pre-feasibility.
  • Acquire the correct methodology to conduct complex inquiries and research on the social realities, and environmental and cultural heritage in specific areas.
  • Be able to work in the area of regional and international cooperation and development. Thanks to their newly acquired knowledge, participants will be able to come in contact with the world of Italian NGOs and other organizations of cooperation. Participants will also receive a list of contacts pertinent to the above mentioned fields.



Course schedule: from Monday, November 30rd to Friday, December 4th 2015

 09h30 - 17h30

The course has a limited number and will be held for a maximum of 16 participants.

To take this course you need to download the registration form, and send it to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information contact the Professor Andrea Stroppiana at Tel. 06 88816140 / 34 Fax 0670392391 Mobile +39 3482460366 to the above email address.

The cost for the five days is 399 Euros to cover expenses and voluntary contribution to the association's activities.

Classes will be held at Ricerca e Cooperazione Head Quarter in via Savona 13a, 00182  Rome.


Have a 20% reduction on the inscription fee:

- for each friend that you enrol as participant to one of our courses;

- if you submit your inscription at least 30 days in advance to the beginning of the course (*);


Have a 10% reduction on the inscription fee:

- from the second course that you choose. You will have a 10% reduction on the inscription fee for each one of our courses, starting from the second to which you inscribe.

The discounts offered are cumulative;

No deposit is foreseen for the enrolment in on of our courses (*)


(*) – the only situation in which a deposit is required is for inscriptions with at least 30 days of advance to the beginning of the course. In this case the deposit will be necessary to benefit of the 20% reduction on the inscription fee.


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