Ricerca e Cooperazione (RC) is a Non Profit Making - Non Governmental Organization with Headquarters in Rome, Italy. RC is independent, secularly inspired, and based on values of solidarity and human dignity. Ricerca e Cooperazione started operation in 1985. The key aspects involving RC’s activities are the safeguard and appreciation of diversity at risk of disappearing, such as biodiversity, Local Culture and Cultural Heritage. The core of the NGOs activities is summarized in its name: Ricerca (Research) implies the need of study and analysis as precondition for a correct implementation of any development projects; Cooperazione (Cooperation) implies the need of exchanging technical, intellectual, moral and political values. The main areas of intervention are: sexual and reproductive health, women empowerment, environment and forestry, rural development and fishery, water and sanitation, emergency and rehabilitation, human rights vocational training and income generating activities, micro credit schemes implementation, institutional building, cultural heritage rehabilitation and enhancement. The majority of the projects are co-financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the European Commission, with a participation coming from RC private funds (fund raising). RC operates in those countries where partnerships, experience and knowledge allow the organization to act in respect of local cultures: Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Morocco, in the Mediterranean Basin; Ghana, Benin Togo and Malawi in Africa; Bolivia, Colombia and Argentina in Latin America. RC is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAECI) since 1986 and has been implementing projects in partnership with the European Commission (EU) since 1988. RC has carried out projects in conjunction with, among others, the UNDP, IFAD, UNICEF and FAO. RC is a member of a Federation of Italian NGOs for International Cooperation (COCIS), member of the Association of Italian NGOs (AOI), part of the Euro-Mediterranean network (MEDIATE), and member of a NGOs network against desertification (ENID). Finally, RC is also inscribed in the Apulia Region (Italy) Non Governmental Organizations Register.


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